Thursday, September 29, 2011

National Coffee Day

Coffee fans,
Here are the selections for a Monday 10/3 delivery. Prices are $13/lb for local drop off. Need it shipped? Email for a quote...
Limited amount of some coffees, first come first served.

Monsooned Bali : Thick, chocolaty with a spice accent. Unusual coffee and great as a single origin espresso. (2lbs left)

El Salvador Bourbon: Tangy roast taste, almond notes and round body. Also great in espresso due to it's low acidity. (2lbs left)
Moka Kadir Blend: Bold and intense blend of three African beans. Earthy with some dark fruit notes. (1 lb left)

Ethiopia Dry Process Bench Maji Biftu : Mega fruit bomb, with a dense a milky body as it cools.
Espresso Blend: Brazil based blend specifically for espresso brewing methods. Smooth and complex, with excellent crema and richness.


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