Friday, November 19, 2010

Original Content

San Fran Cup tries to keep most of the posts on this Blog original,
such as things said, videos, photos etc. But on occasion because of a whim or
strange connection or event San Fran Cup cannot help from borrowing to express
certain feelings or thoughts.
The following is a list of posts that San Fran Cup cannot claim to have
videoed, photographed or written.

3-29-2007 N G
3-30-2007 Herb C. photo
6-5-2007 Chris "The Sound" Rocket
12-8-2008 Little Yellow Perfect (Video)
1-6-2009 Waiting On A Friend (Video)
2-27-2009 Cinelli (Video)
3-29-2009 Available Light (Video)
3-29-2009 Busy Intersection (Video)
3-18-2009 S.F. Race (Video)
3-1-2009 Downtown (Video)
4-15-2009 (Quote)
5-19-2009 Billy I. (Photo)
5-17-2009 Savannah GA. (Photo)
5-9-2009 Led Zep (Video)
6-28-2009 (Quote)
6-25-2009 Eddie (Graphic)
7-17-2009 Cold Play (Video)
11-19-2009 Black Coffee (Video)
12-13-2009 Chrome Pants, Chrome Trade Mark, Chrome Truck (Photos)
1-1-2010 BOZO JERSEY (Photo)
1-30-2010 Tour Devil (Photo)
2-6-2010 A. Homer Hilsen (Article)
4-14-2010 Billy (Photo)
4-14-2010 Queen (Video)
5-2-2010 Sorrowful Figure
5-16-2010 Quoth Sancho
5-19-2010 Tai Shan (Video)
5-29-2010 Dennis Hopper (Photo)
6-7-2010 Music and words (Photo by S.F.C.)
6-30-2010 Losing It (Video)
7-5-2010 Bumps Pushing Into Space
8-6-2010 When Stories Collide
8-15-2010 Saints In Slime
9-18-2010 2112 Action (Video)
10-24-2010 National Championship Add
10-30-2010 Game Three-borrowed Photos to create
11-1-2010 World Series Post (Photos)
11-13-2010 Wilson Leno (Video)

38 out of 723 are not S.F.C.'s

And of course some things that were photographed such as paintings etc.
I did not include because San Fran Cup actually did the photograph of that post.

Now that that's clear.........

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