Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quoth Sancho,

'As God liveth, Sir Knight of the Sorrowful Figure, I cannot

endure nor bear with patience some things your

worship says: they are enough to make me think,

that all you tell me of chivalry, and of

winning kingdoms and empires, of

bestowing islands, and doing other favours and

mighty things, according to the custom of

knights-errant , must be mere vapour, and a lie,

and all friction, or fiction, or

how do you call it? for, to hear you say,that a

barber's basin is Mambrino's helmet, and that

you cannot be beaten out of this error in several days,

what can one think, but that he, who says and

affirms such a thing, must be crack-brained?

I have the basin in my wallet, all

battered, and I carry it to get it mended at home,

for the use of my beard, if God be so

gracious to me, as to restore me one time or other

to my wife and children.'

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fuzzballdaddy said...

Fabulous! I was seriously considering putting up a Quote from him today!